What is Government (Govt) Job? | National Pay Scale August 2021

What is a Govt Job?

A govt job is a job that helps to improve the country in which you are working. The jobs vary from different levels of responsibility and can be found at various federal, state, county, or local governments.

Government jobs offer varied opportunities for career advancement and have a wide variety of benefits, including health insurance, paid time off, pension plans, and more! 

Govt jobs in Bangladesh are one of the most stable, well-paying jobs out there. The job is typically an occupation or position in which you work for the city, state, division, district, village, country, and local areas.

There are many types of gov’t jobs that offer different salary levels and benefits such as law enforcement officers and firefighters. In this article, we will discuss who has the highest salary, and benefits among other things!

There are so many different jobs in various sectors and they can range from high-paying to low-paying scale.

The most common types of government jobs are BCS cadres, police officers, firefighters, military personnel, air traffic controllers, teachers, nurses, and doctors. Government work is typically stable and offers great benefits which may include retirement packages or health insurance 

Government work also has many perks such as excellent vacation days or flexible hours that allow you to spend more time with your family during the day while still maintaining a full-time schedule at home.

You will be able to have some say in what you do on your projects because there are usually no strict guidelines for how things should be done.

What is the age limit of govt jobs in bd?

According to the latest recruitment law, the age limit is 32 years for both males and females.

Bangladesh Govt Job Pay Scale By Grade

Here is the salary scale given below according to the grades.

National Pay Scale by GradeMonthly Basic in BDT (Taka)Entry Requirement / Position
208,250Class 5 to Class 8
198,500Up to Class Eight
188,800SSC/HSC Equivalent
169,300Office Assistant
159,700Primary Assistant Teacher
1211,300Primary Head Teacher
1016,000Non Cadre Officer
922,000BCS Officer
356,000Minister of Parliament
178,000Secretary/Major General
Senior Secretary, Lt General82,000Senior Secretary/Lt General
General, Admiral, Marshal, Cabinet Secretary86,000General/Admiral/Marshal/Cabinet Secretary
State Minister of Bangladesh92,000State Minister
Bangladesh Leader of opposition105,000Leader of opposition
Minster of Bangladesh105,000Minster
Chief Justice of Bangladesh1,10,000Chief Justice
Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament1,12,000Speaker of Parliament
Prime Minister of Bangladesh1,15,000Prime Minister
President of Bangladesh1,20,000President

source: bangladesh.gov.bd

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